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About Us

“My name is Javier, I am simply an animal lover, I am a lawyer and I have worked for many years practicing my profession, but one day I understood that I needed to enjoy life more, that is why I took a risk, I took a 180° turn with my life and I started to train as a professional groomer, I bought the grooming store and now, I simply enjoy the days taking care of the little animals that come here.

If I look back I understand that this is what I wanted with my life, animals are so pure that they can turn your gray day into a sunny one just by walking through the door.

That's why I take care of giving them the best treatment and affection when they come here, although I confess that sometimes I get attached to one of them and I always hope they come back!

That's why we are waiting for you here!”

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Our Services

What Clients Say

"We took our little Mandy, who is a poodle, to her first bath and we were able to see how she was professionally cleaned and it is not only aesthetic, we were also able to prevent health problems, we will definitely return."
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